The Portable Career Network has two areas of interest:

Portable CareersWorking or doing business from anywhere.

Lifestyle Business Any business established to enable and support a desired lifestyle.

Through blog articles and podcasts, we bring you interviews and stories about people who are building businesses and working from all corners of the earth. This is not about ‘How to do Business online’ – but we do bring you real-life experiences about successful online business owners. We won’t teach you how to start a Bed and Breakfast, but we will help you network with people in that industry.We are not life or business coaches, but we do bring you hints, tips, advice and real-life examples from coaches in many facets of business and career.

The Portable Career Network is about people, places and professionalism. Join the Community on Facebook or LinkedIn, listen to our Podcasts and participate – Network to help you find or build your Portable Career or Lifestyle Business.

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Hi, I’m Jeff Porter and PortableCareer.NET is part of what I’ call my Business in Retirement Initiative (BIRI).

I’ve been lucky enough to manage a portable career for the last twelve years or more. I’ve lived and worked in 6 countries and visited countless others where I’ve continued to be productive and connected.

As a result of moving around the world I’m inspired by the diversity of small businesses that are run by people who have established their businesses to support a particular lifestyle. As I head toward “retirement”, or as my wife calls it, a new life phase, in the next few years, I’m seeking a new business or career that can be operated from wherever we choose to live and that suits our lifestyle.

Let’s face it, the concept of traditional “retirement” is out-dated. Many people from the baby boomer generation, and younger people alike are capable of building a successful career or business outside the realm of their “real job”, but some need help in the transition from employee to entrepreneur or solopreneur and we all need to network and communicate to help us grow.

Many business owners I meet and talk to are officially “retired” from their original careers and have established businesses in hospitality, agribusiness, food and hospitality and various other sectors and as hard as these people work, they all describe their businesses as a lifestyle rather than a career.