Data Driven eBooks

The more I read and learn about writing and publishing the more I'm convinced that we are still at the very early stages of incredible change in

Are you "admin" on your Wordpress?

If you asked me from September 2012 forward, the answer would change dramatically with WordPress Brute Force Attacks now exceeding 50% of all attacks being reported.

Every Business is a Lifestyle Business

From: Project Idealism: Every Business is a Lifestyle BusinessWhat bothers me is

Selling Coaching services

From: How I Got My First Client – Interview with Tripp Lanier — Matthew Kimberley

AARP Study Shows 50+ Workers as a Solid Investment

A report that challenges myths about workers 50 and older shows that those employees often have productive

Why local news and niche magazine publishing are winning

Starting a local news, community or magazine website has never been this easy. Local news and niche publishing are winning. We look at how significant developments in end-user media consumption and we