Six Reasons to Start a Lifestyle Business

If you are considering setting up your own lifestyle business, you may have spent a long time weighing up the pros and the cons. Here are six great reasons why you should take the plunge and build you

Looking for a Lifestyle Business? Train to Train

It’s no secret that lifestyle businesses give you the freedom to travel, and work around what you want to do. This is

Searching for the Best California Answering Service Job

An answering service job is a great opportunity to build a career. For students, stay-at-home moms or dads, retirees, or those looking for a second job that won’t int

What is Executive Coaching and Do You Need It?

There are lots of "coaches" out there...almost as many as there are "Consultants". How do you tell one from the next? How do you decide if you

To Hellas and Back - a book by Lana Penrose

Australian author Lana Penrose contacted me recently describing her book '

Data Driven eBooks

The more I read and learn about writing and publishing the more I'm convinced that we are still at the very early stages of incredible change in

Black Diamond French Truffles

Susan Alexander  is the President and CEO of Black Diamond French Truffles, Inc. She has transformed 200

Create-Build-Sell (CBS)

Share your Knowledge: How to Make Tutorial Videos that Sell

A great idea for a Portable Business is to take something you know and share it with others. Guest Contributor Kristie Lewis from

For the Love of Dance

Prance around in a tutu in front of toddlers all day and get paid for it? It sounds too good to be true, but the demand is high for dance teachers in Australia as more and more little ones

Video Game Journalism—Extra Cash or a Career?

Against all logical advice and conventional wisdom, Cody Hargreaves decided to turn his back on the corporate world for one shot at a career in the realm of journalism. Most people don’t

Trailing Spouse Network

The Trailing Spouse Network is an informal community of expat professionals. The purpose of the network is to facilitate communication and collaboration on matters related to business and employment f