A profile of a dual career family in transition

Amon had applied to a few jobs over the years to find a fit more in tune with him professionally and the type of institution that would be good for his career. The position as Professor of Sociology a

Searching for the Best California Answering Service Job

An answering service job is a great opportunity to build a career. For students, stay-at-home moms or dads, retirees, or those looking for a second job that won’t int

DIDO Mining Jobs

The mining industry provides unique opportunities for those seeking a portable career. Australian mining  industry expert Danny Duric from  

To Hellas and Back - a book by Lana Penrose

Australian author Lana Penrose contacted me recently describing her book '

Want to Know About Career Prospects in Photography?

Are you passionate about capturing moments in your camera? Is photography your hobby? What about making a career in it? There is a lot of scope in this career for people having creativity and imaginat

Working as a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription allows one to work from home while earning a good salary, making it a desirable portable career choice. With the right skill set and the proper training, a nice livin

Share your Knowledge: How to Make Tutorial Videos that Sell

A great idea for a Portable Business is to take something you know and share it with others. Guest Contributor Kristie Lewis from

Trailing Spouse Network

The Trailing Spouse Network is an informal community of expat professionals. The purpose of the network is to facilitate communication and collaboration on matters related to business and employment f

seanpmckee.net - Information & Media Services Consulting

From: seanpmckee.netSean P. McKee has worked overseas for the past decade in such fields as non-profit project support, internatio

Do your skills match your region?

From: The Sceptical Market Observer: No Wonder There is Unemployment"...one of the