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Connect 64 - Regional Employment initiative for Trailing Spouses

This week I interviewed Robyn Rosenthal from Connect Sixty-Four, a relocation service designed to help trailing spouses connect with regional employers in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

Through a collective commitment of business partnerships along the 64-mile stretch between St. Joseph and Battle Creek, MI, trailing spouses get exclusive exposure to the area’s hiring agents and priority consideration for interviews.

This program goes a long way to overcome the problems identified by many employers in the region that they can’t attract and maintain good staff unless there are complementary opportunities for their spouses and partners. The most extensive research into the trailing spouse issues that I’m aware of was carried out by Dr. Yvonne McNulty. Although she focuses mainly on the expatriate trailing spouse, it is clear that organizations that relocate an employees and their families to their region for the purpose of business, face significant risk and financial loss if that employee curtails their assignment because their spouse or partner cannot find suitable work.

What caught my eye about the Connect 64 program is not only the benefit it affords the trailing spouse and family, but the regional economic development benefits as well. This form of cooperative marketing helps build a community by attracting not only targeted employees but also their partners and spouses, this in turn adds to the overall economic well-being of the region.

Here’s the interview with Robyn Rosenthal:


I look forward to hearing more about this program, it’s replication into other regions and how it is positively affecting the region.

Are you aware of any similar programs in other regions? – Please leave a comment.