Guest Blogger Submission Policy

Content Relevance
The most basic rule is that any post has to fit within the areas of interest on this site, namely:

Portable Careers – Working or doing business from anywhere.

Lifestyle Business – Any business established to enable and support a desired lifestyle.

Your post cannot simply be an advertisement for your blog, business, product or service, it must contain some form of compelling information for the reader.

Copyright and Quality

You must personally write your post and as a result have copyright ownership of it.

By submitting your post, you grant permission to USANZem LLC to publish the article.

You are free to publish the content elsewhere but if you do so you must advise us of its location.

Your post should not be longer than 2000 words.

You may submit images (that you own) for publication with the article, alternatively we will provide images that we deem appropriate to support the content.

For guidance on guest blogging, please read these articles:

“9 Ways Become an Exceptional Guest Poster” by Darren Rowse

“Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest” Post by Jeff Goins

Guest bloggers and Promoters are remunerated by the inclusion of one link to your blog/website and one link to your Twitter account and/or Facebook page.

Acceptance, Editing and Publishing
Our editors will proofread your post for relevance, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. If it needs significant changes, you will be notified with suggestions.

Without notice, we reserve the right to reject any article that we feel does not meet our standards or to edit the article without making substantial changes to the intent of the content.

We may include an introduction for our readers. This will be clearly different stylistically from your post to keep from confusing the readers. The goal of the introduction is to to help the readers put the article into context if required.

We appreciate your hard work and interest in writing something for this site. However, just because you submit something does not mean it will be published. Depending on our workload, other content availability and a range of other factors, we may hold content for some time prior to publishing.

We recognize the time-sensitivity of some content and will make every effort to accommodate this where possible if you provide sufficient information and notice.

This policy is not intended to entrap or discourage you from submitting your content. We welcome articles from anyone with a relevant message and a cooperative attitude.

Please visit our Submission page to submit your content.