Building an online business is much harder than most people assume

The Brutal Truth: Building an Online Business isn’t Easy

I’ve been working with clients trying to build online businesses long enough to know one thing: building a successful online business is much harder than most people assume.

Whatever effort you’re envisioning it will take to succeed right now, double or triple that expectation.

Corbett hits the nail on the head here. Starting an online business is hard. There is no question that the tools to establish, build and maintain an online business continue to make the task easier in terms of being able to do whatever you want, but building a sustainable business requires human traits of patience, persistence and on-going commitment, more than it relies on technology and tools.

I wrote a bit about this in an article entitled, Create-Build-Sell, doing at least one each of these things every day to keep your project moving forward is a method I use, but a business has many moving parts and the bigger it gets the more complex it becomes, and the harder it is to ensure all aspects of the business stay on track.

To broaden the discussion further, building a online business is harder than most people assume, regardless of whether it’s primarily online or a more traditional bricks and mortar venture . So why is it that so many online businesses are based on products that help you establish an online business? Is it possible to make money online without selling ‘how to make money online’? Of course it is, and the Portable Career Network helps bring you stories of successful lifestyle businesses that break out of this bubble.

As of writing this, Google returns 286 million results for the term ‘Building an online Business’ so why in the world would you start a business focusing on this market? I guess you could argue that the pie is big, and that taking even a small part of that pie is potentially lucrative, but is it sustainable as a business? How long will it be before this proliferation of advice givers collapses in on itself?