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How to write a book ASAP - Intro

I’m in the final stages of reading a great book by Garrett Pierson entitled ‘How To Write A Book ASAP: The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your First Book Fast!
‘. Okay, full disclosure, I actually listened to the Audible version but I like audiobooks…what can I say?

This is the first of several articles on this subject of How to Write a Book based on Garret’s method that I’m creating on this site for a several reasons; firstly, if you are here because you want to write a book or, like me you have thought about writing a book but not sure how to go about it, I’d like these articles to be encouragement for you to buy and read Garret’s book – this is the best, step-by-step model I’ve seen to help guide would-be authors in their journey to create their book, regardless of the type of book you have in mind.

Secondly, I’m using this as a way to summarize this information for my purposes and hopefully it helps others.

Next, writing is an ideal career for mobile professionals, particularly those in the trailing spouse situation. Whether it be authoring of a book as we are discussing here, freelance for one or more publications or producing your own articles in blogs and article sites. Writing can be a full-time endeavor or a fill-in career between other projects and assignments with many side benefits that Garret alludes to in his book. Writing is also a great residual income generator for those times when you can’t work.

Lastly, I want to use some of Garret’s material to show by example, how someone can create and present step-by-step tutorials to  guide readers through a process. My message to readers on the Portable Career Network is to think how this model can be used to present other information, something you know about and can impart on others. Think beyond this immediate subject of writing a book and picture how you, or others with your assistance might be able to produce this kind of content to instruct, inform and inspire others – There are many portable career ideas that can be built around this concept, I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you.

So let’s get started… by all means jump straight to Garret’s YouTube channel here, but then you will miss out on my insightful commentary 🙂

Introduction – In this video, as the title indicates, Garret gives you an overview and is pretty much just a plug to buy the book (which I recommend you do) and he gives some information on his other books.

Before you embark of this exercise, whether it’s through reading the book and/or previewing these videos, it’s worth downloading and printing the Workbook and Planning Guide (pdf)

Day 1 – Three Reasons

Establish three reasons why you want to write a book. e.g. Garret’s reasons; It was on his bucket list, to say that he was an author,  and he wanted to be a speaker.

Day 2 – What?

Page 11 in the Workbook and Planning Guide. What is your book about? What form will it take – Fiction, or Non-fiction? Research your mind – Identify three things that you are thinking of writing about or three things that you want to learn about that will inspire you to write and share the information. Focus in on one that you feel the most passionate about.


Day 3 – Target Audience

This isn’t addressed in the Workbook, so you are on your own with a blank piece of paper here. Think about who is most likely to be interested in your book. Their age, location, gender, interests, etc. Keep in mind that when you are writing you need to ‘speak’ specifically and consistently to this group. Who are they?

Are there enough people in this category?… will they benefit and see a need for your book? Do you understand what drives them to decide, and can they afford to by a book? Are they accessible? This is fundamental marketing stuff and a very important aspect to consider before putting fingers on a keypad…. or pen to paper in the old parlance.

That’s basically it for the structural planning. Rather than the daily model Garret has developed I think the above three tasks are suitable for tackling as a single chunk, get down on paper three fundamental things:

  1. What is motivating you to write? – Why are you doing this?
  2. What will you write about? – The subject.
  3. Who will you be writing to? – The audience.

Next article in this series…. How To Write A Book ASAP
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