1 – The Portable Career Network on LinkedIn is an extension of www.PortableCareerNetwork.com and as such are bound by the same Terms of Service.

2 – The intent and “Spirit of the Network” is to provide Ideas, Information, Inspiration and Incentives for people interested in the following ‘Subject Areas’:

  • Seeking Portable Careers (Employment),
  • Building a Lifestyle Businesses
  • Improving Regional Business

3 – The LinkedIn group/s encourage Subject Area input from all members in the form of:

  • Discussions – Questions and Information related to the Subject Areas that do not overtly promote a product, service or event.
  • Promotions – Information about events, organizations or individuals that maybe of interest to the members.
  • Jobs
  •  – Specific offers of employment for Portable and on-line Jobs, either through employment or contract.
  •  – Specific requests for business assistance.
  •  – (See also Sub-Groups for Business to Business assistance and networking).

4 – Discussion items should be flagged to the appropriate category (Promotion or Job) or they will be flagged by a group administrator or another member.

5 – To ensure members are given the opportunity to comment in the group, ITEMS THAT LINK DIRECTLY (through the title) TO AN EXTERNAL WEB-SITE WILL BE DELETED. The ‘Attach a Link’ or ‘Add more Details’ section should be used to link to external content.
6 – Members who regularly post incorrect or inappropriate (off topic) content will be warned and potentially removed from the group to ensure content remains relevant.

7 – All members are encouraged to use the ‘Flag as inappropriate’ function. An excessive number of inappropriate flags will cause the content to be automatically deleted.

7a – The site Managers reserve the right to remove or replace any content they deem inappropriate at any time.

7b – The site Managers reserve the right to remove any group members that do not contribute in the spirit of the community. This includes “spamming” or otherwise flooding the group, offensive or overly critical comments.


Where the main group exists to share general information and networking in the Subject Areas, several sub-groups have been created to address the specifics of matching people to opportunities.

To ensure sub-groups remain highly focused and effective, the following points also apply:

1 – New Members must post a Promotion Item within 7 days of joining to introduce themselves and describe their interest in the group.

1a – In the unlikely event that the Group Managers feel that the Member isn’t appropriate for the group they will be removed.

2 – All members must make periodic contributions to the group or they will be removed.

2a – Acceptable contributions include; new items, comments or ‘Likes’ on existing items.

2b – This criteria will be guided by the group participants and the Group Managers will determine what constitutes an adequate level of contribution.

2c – Group Managers will endeavor to notify Members of pending removal but will be under no obligation to do so.

3 – New Content must be made in the following manner:

3a – Discussion – Provide original content or link to other content that promotes an opportunity for work or business development in the subject area of the group.

3b – Promotion – Provide details of an event or an organization that promotes an opportunity for work or business development in the subject area of the group.

3c – Job – Provide details of specific jobs, business opportunities, business ideas, partnership requests etc.

These rules will be continually reviewed and feedback is encouraged. For more information visit: