This page describes the Portable Career Network on LinkedIn , membership in which is governed by the LinkedIn Group Code of Conduct.

The intent of the Portable Career Network, and it’s pre-cursor the Trailing Spouse Network is to provide not just networking contacts, but also real-world business and employment opportunities that can help people find work, build their business and otherwise grow as a player in the complex world of expatriate assignments and other mobile professional situations.

In my opinion LinkedIn is the premier forum for online business networking, so sticking with the strength, Portable Career Network on LinkedIn has been created as a place to share information and opportunities about Portable Careers and Lifestyle Businesses.

Opportunity based sub-groups

Beyond the general group which is open to all LinkedIn Members (following approval) are a selection of ‘elite’ opportunity based sub-groups. These groups are intended to share specific opportunities within the Practice Areas below. These groups are about communicating opportunities you know about or that you are interested in. Synergy abounds when you communicate with like-minded people. Although we seed these groups with opportunities we identify, the real value comes from your active participation.


For Members who work in the area of creating information, content, entertainment, the Arts or anyone who needs these services can be a member of this group. For example, bloggers might post details of their blog seeking guest writers, Logo Designers can post their profile and be found by potential customers, a Dance Instructor might post a business idea to start an online dance instruction course.





Sales and Marketing