Hutt City located outside Wellington New Zealand has a broad representation of industries. The city has long had a substantial presence in high-end manufacturing, as well as in research and development facilities. There is also a growing software development industry. Added to these are efficient communications and distribution networks, and proximity to several tertiary education institutions.

Hutt City has a relatively young and ethnically diverse population. Young families are drawn here because of reasonably priced housing, recreational opportunities and proximity to major employment centres. A high skill base means that city residents are, on average, reasonably affluent.

Hutt City is well poised to take advantage of the technological revolution that has already positively affected the United States economy. It is a city that has all the resources required. Quality research facilities, manufacturing expertise, a growing IT sector and adequate supporting infrastructure. Longer-term prospects are therefore for growth to surpass the national average, conditional on good co-ordination between different sectors in the economy and appropriate management and marketing skills.

For establishing businesses, the Hutt Valley offers many advantages over basing operations in Wellington City. Lower rates is a key draw card for many businesses. Also the availability of plenty of carparking for employees, in most instances free of charge. Hutt City Council are actively looking at ways in which they can support new businesses in the Hutt Valley.

Economic Development Organizations:
Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce is a highly progressive, vital and innovative society of business people. Established in 1943, the Chamber continues to bring its members international market intelligence and trading resources through its active links with the 20,000 strong worldwide Chamber of Commerce movement.
Regional Initiatives:

Technology Valley Initiative Project Technology Valley is an innovative, regional initiative to improve technological capabilities across a substantial number of businesses, manufacturers and exporters. As an industry led programme, it seeks to rebuild the economic wellbeing of the Hutt Valley and, in doing so, make positive contributions for the region and the nation.

Project Technology Valley’s aim in the first period, is to gain an understanding of the Hutt Valley’s strengths and weaknesses and, from this research, to formulate a spatial vision and master plan to rejuvenate the valley as a leading environment for ideas, innovation and wellbeing.

It operates under the umbrella of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, with the support of a gathering number of stakeholders, in particular, Hutt City Council, Upper Hutt City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Industrial Research Limited (IRL), Weltec and GNS Science.