Wairarapa is a region of big skies, wide valleys and small towns, full of character – all within an hour’s drive of Wellington, New Zealand and at the heart of the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail.With three major forest parks and a wild stretch of coast it offers endless possibilities for outdoor adventures or just getting away from it all.

It’s also one of New Zealand’s top food and wine destinations offering some of the country’s premium wines and everything from country cooking to fine cuisine in the many cafes, vineyards and restaurants. The Wairarapa is a true escape.


We need someone passionate about helping build business in the Wairarapa Region by writing about local businesses as well as whats happening on the business front in the region. We accept single promotional stories from anyone but we seek a Regional Editor who can share in the growth of the region. If you’re interested in this opportunity click here.


We need someone passionate about helping build business in the Wairarapa Region by conducting interviews with local business owners and operators, either over the telephone or face-to-face. We seek a Regional Host for a podcast series dedicated to the region. This person can become the voice of regional business and share in the growth. If you’re interested in this opportunity click here.

Economic Development Organizations:

GO Wairarapa GO Wairarapa was established in July 2002 as the regional economic development and tourism agency for Wairarapa.

The organisation is financially supported by a wide and diverse range of individuals and businesses in Wairarapa, each committed to the concept of regional growth and prosperity. Collectively, these organisations represent the positive elements required to position Wairarapa as a preferred destination to live, work and visit.

GO Wairarapa is engaged in a wide range of projects linked to the economic development of the region. These projects include destination marketing, economic monitoring and analysis, energy management, forestry, infrastructure, horticulture, inward investment, telecommunications and workforce development.

GO Wairarapa operates three visitor centres in Featherston, Martinborough and Masterton and works with a number of government agencies to deliver free training and business needs assessments.

Until GO Wairarapa’s new web site is complete please visit www.wairarapanz.com for visitor and contact information and visit www.wairarapa.gen.nz for economic development and business information.

Contact details:

GO Wairarapa, PO Box 674, Masterton, New Zealand.

Telephone (+64) 06 3700 900

Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce The Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce was established as an Incorporated Society in June 2005.  Their mission is:

To encourage and support integrated business growth that creates wealth and employment in the Wairarapa.


The Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce is passionately dedicated to the region and has many projects underway to enhance the economic wellbeing of business in the Wairarapa.

Whether you’re after facts and information, sound business advice, opportunities to network with other businesses, or just want someone independent to talk to, we are here to help. Click here to contact them

Martinborough Business Association
Our purpose is to create a strong, focussed business community to promote and develop Martinborough as a desirable place to work, shop, visit and enjoy. The businesses featured on this website are members of our Association and number approximately 100. Whether you’re just visiting, considering moving here or planning on going into business you will be captivated by Martinborough wine village.

Regional Initiatives:

Destination Wairarapa
Wairarapa Wiki Wairarapa Wiki is an independent editable guide to Wairarapa. If you have a favourite place to eat, drink, shop, buy music, or somewhere or something in Wairarapa that you think others should know about then please add it yourself. This entire site is maintained by the people who use it: anyone can edit this website. You live it, you write it! WANTED: Wiki Volunteers. International wikispotWiki Spot directory. Have your say. Add your Wairarapa event on our: Events Board.
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