Six Reasons to Start a Lifestyle Business

If you are considering setting up your own lifestyle business, you may have spent a long time weighing up the pros and the cons. Here are six great reasons why you should take the plunge and build your own lifestyle business in 2013.

Get Flexible

One of the main reasons employees opt to start up their own lifestyle business is the flexibility it offers. If you want to put the nine to five mentalities behind you and incorporate more flexibility in your work, a lifestyle business can offer you this advantage. Saying goodbye to a ridged work schedule can bring you a lot of happiness after so many years with limited time off. Working for yourself gives you the freedom to take time off as and when you need to rather than having to limit your leisure time to a certain number of hours a year.

Geographical Freedom

Another aspect that attracts workers to the lifestyle business option is the chance to work from anywhere in the world. A business of this kind brings with it a certain geographical freedom giving you the opportunity to create a base overseas should you wish. If you have ever wanted to work abroad this would provide the perfect opportunity.

Live Your Dream

A lifestyle business is created and run by the owner and based around their individual capabilities. Therefore, it is the ideal chance to live out your dream. If you have always wanted to turn your photography, illustration, writing or business skills into a career, now is your chance.

Please Yourself

Another advantage of starting up your own lifestyle business is the chance to please yourself and take control of your schedule. Working with other members of a team can often limit you in terms of when you can and can’t take time off.

Job Satisfaction

Working for a large organisation can have its perks for example spending time with like minded people and bouncing ideas off one another. However, if you have worked for a company your entire life, you may also be aware that there are a few downsides. Commuting and office politics can become tiresome and leave you yearning for a different working environment. One of the great things is seeing the results of your success, safe in the knowledge that all of that hard work came from you and no one else.

Choose your Own Team

Another great aspect of working for yourself is choosing your own team of people to work for you. While you may only employ a small group of people, one or two in some cases, you get to choose the employees that you work with. You also get to choose the clients you take on which will put you in the driving seat of your future career.

Jack Denning writes on behalf of Watt Works Consulting Ltd, the leading consulting, coaching and training provider. CoachingTheir team can provide you with support when setting up a lifestyle business.