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10 Myths to Starting a Business as an Expat: Why What You Think Won't Cut It.

As a trailing spouse, I totally get that your life is like a non-stop pin-ball machine.  You get settled only to get

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Skin care business heads toward $1M revenue

Polla founded Alchimie Forever, a collection of lotions, cleansers and other skin products, as a student at Georgetown University’s business school in 2003. Much of the company’s business comes fr

Regional clusters spark growth

From: Opinion: Regional clusters can spark growth - John Fernandez - POLITICO.comIf you want to see how American commun

Seizing the Moment - ignoring exports?

After speaking with Laurie De Roller on Regional Business Talk Radio last week I decided to look closer at the

Procrastination and Lifestyle Business Development

It is often said that procrastination is a result of either fear offailure or actually fear of success. In the case of fearing a failureyou often times have not bother to look at the wor

Portable Career, Lifestyle Business and Regional Business – What’s the connection?

I’ve been living life as a Trailing Spouse for about ten years. Following my wife on diplomatic assignments, I’ve had to

Is the Term 'Lifestyle Business' an Insult?

From: Is the Term 'Life

When 'lifestyle' is the real bottom line

Small Business: When 'lifestyle' is the real bottom line - Times OnlineSMALL is beautiful for a new

Etsy - Handmade goods for sale worldwide

Everyone knows about Ebay as a place to sell goods online, but for artisans, it's easy to get lost in the crowd.