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Ten Ways to Be the Entrepreneur of your Own Life

Guest article by Tara Agacayak, GlobalNiche.net, a transformational media company founded to show people how

Trailing Spouse Network

IntroductionI've been living the expatriate lifestyle since 2001, as a Trailing Spouse. Like thousands of others, male and female, we choose to follow our spouses career around the world. 

Social network for Sydney's inner west business

Local business owners have a new forum to meet following the launch of Inner West Business Referrals group in Drummoyne.According to founding president, Rosalie Gordon, the new grou

Trailing Spouse Network

The Trailing Spouse Network is an informal community of expat professionals. The purpose of the network is to facilitate communication and collaboration on matters related to business and employment f

Etsy - Handmade goods for sale worldwide

Everyone knows about Ebay as a place to sell goods online, but for artisans, it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

How to start a magazine or newspaper

Software tools for professionals & novices, publishing online & print, magazines & newspapers today &

Telework Exchange

Why local news and niche magazine publishing are winning

Starting a local news, community or magazine website has never been this easy. Local news and niche publishing are winning. We look at how significant developments in end-user media consumption and we

Start your own Newspaper or Magazine

Starting your own newspaper or magazine can be a challenging adventure. EzyMedia founder John Hancock started his own newspaper in 2004 and has since met with 200+ independent publishers around the wo