Telework Exchange

Telework Exchange is a public-private partnership focused on demonstrating the tangible value of telework and serving the emerging educational and communication requirements of the US Federal Government teleworker community. The organization facilitates communication among Federal teleworkers, telework managers, and IT professionals.

The Telework Exchange community features a series of capabilities, including:

  • Telework Value Calculators:
    Tallies potential cost savings and environmental benefits associated with telework and provides a mechanism to gauge Federal agencies’ relative telework performance. The calculators empower employees to understand their personal cost of commuting – as a raw figure and a percentage of after-tax income – as well as to understand how many tons of pollutants they are pumping into the environment each day as they travel to and from work. The calculators can be used in tandem with the Online Eligibility Gizmo to present a business case for telework to management.
  • Online Eligibility Gizmo:
    A quiz-based calculator that helps employees cut through the double-speak and ambiguity surrounding their eligibility to telework. The Gizmo can be used in tandem with the Telework Value Calculators to present a business case for telework to management.
  • The Water Cooler:
    A collaboration and discussion platform designed to empower Federal personnel to discuss telework issues and share best practices.
  • Resource Center:
    A repository of useful tools for teleworkers, teleworker managers, and information technology professionals. The Resource Center provides information on COOP, security, workers with disabilities, technology, best practices, Federal agency developments, and legislative developments in telework.
  • Research Studies:
    A compilation of Telework Exchange conducted research that reports on gas consumption, commuting costs, savings realized through telework, the value of telework in business continuity, management resistance, and data security issues
  • The Teleworker: A bi-monthly publication reporting exclusively on Federal telework