I’ve been living the expatriate lifestyle since 2001, as a Trailing Spouse. Like thousands of others, male and female, we choose to follow our spouses career around the world.  In both government and private sector situations, this can mean moving locations every 2 – 5 years. For the employed personnel this is stressful enough, but for the spouse and other family members it often means leaving a perfectly good job or small business just to start again in an unfamiliar city, without networks of contacts and the stigma that you may only be there for a few years.

Many Trailing Spouses have become experts in developing and maintaining a Portable Career. The Trailing Spouse Network is a resource to communicate and collaborate with people from all walks of life and professional backgrounds.

The Latent Resource

What I’ve also come to realize is that the collective Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of these people, coupled with their distributed geographic locations is an asset available to the business community, both large and small in a variety of ways.Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn

There are many thousands of individuals in this situation distributed around the world in major cities from every conceivable background and skill set. Surveys have shown that these people are keen to work in their chosen profession but often settle for other positions due to their situations.

The Trailing Spouse Network is an initiative to build a community of professional, technical and creative people that communicate and collaborate to find productive and satisfying work, wherever they may find themselves around the world.

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