The Trailing Spouse Network has existed on LinkedIn and grown steadily since 2008. Thank you to everyone that has contributed and participated during this time. The network has no commercial agenda and exists as a platform to help Trailing Spouses connect and communicate on matters of career and business.

We are now approaching 500 members and I’d like to mark this occasion and have a bit of fun.

As many of you know I’m an audiobook advocate…and producer, so I’d like to give away 5 audiobooks during this promotion. We will give away an audiobook of your choice for:

  • Two new Members of the Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn.
  • Two existing members of the Trailing Spouse Network who ‘Like’ and post an item of interest on the newly created Facebook page.
  • One member of either forum that posts the most interesting item (in the opinion of the group managers).
The prizes will be an ‘gift’ of one audiobook of your choice from the current catalog. Of course we would like you to choose one of my audiobooks… but no pressure there ūüôā …but of course the choice is yours. ¬†Click on any of the ¬†banners on this page to search their library.
Let me clarify that this is a genuine giveaway, it does not require you to signup for a subscription, I will send the winners a gift code to redeem the audiobook and announce the winners on both LinkedIn and Facebook.Listen to a business bestseller at!


On the achievement of 500 members in the group (we are currently at 465) we will draw two members that joined between then and the date of this page being published. The LinkedIn giveaway will end when we reach 500 Members. See Conditions below.


For the people who are already members of the Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn if you ‘Like’ and post an item of interest on the newly created Trailing Spouse Network on Facebook¬†and you are one of the first 50 to do so,¬†you will go into a draw for one an audiobooks of your choice. We will draw two members from the first 50 for this give away. The Facebook giveaway will end when we receive 50 Likes.¬†See Conditions below.

Most Interesting Item

This is a subjective one and open for some fun. Our interpretation of “interesting” might be humor, practicality, an idea, your own website…who knows? It can be a Discussion on LinkedIn (Code of Conduct applies) or any kind of ‘relevant’ posting on Facebook. ¬†Get creative. I’ll find some way to promote all items we find¬†interesting¬†and the best one will¬†receive¬†the audiobook gift.¬†See Conditions below. This giveaway closes when the Facebook and LinkedIn giveaways are closed.


So there you are… Like Us! ¬†– have I stooped this low to pay people to like me? ¬†ūüôā ¬† Encourage others in your network to join the Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn and be eligible. Send us your interesting posts and good luck with the audiobook give away. ¬†Click on the Icons below to access the Trailing Spouse Network:

 Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn  Trailing Spouse Network on Facebook
    Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn  Trailing Spouse Network on Facebook



To enter the LinkedIn drawing you must be approved as a Member of the Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn. This remains at the discretion of the Managers according to the Code of Conduct.

To enter the Facebook drawing you must be an existing member of the Trailing Spouse Network on LinkedIn prior to publication of this page.

To enter the Most Interesting Item, you must post a relevant item on either forum that is published on or before the closing date of the draw,

All decisions are final.

 Thanks everyone РJeff