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Upcoming IT Jobs - What's In Demand?

These days, finding a job is easier said than done. The economy isn’t what is used to be, and moreIT Jobs are enhanced by certifications and more people are finding themselves without a job or source of income. With all of these changes, many people are going back to college to further their education, giving them a leg up when it comes to applying for a job. A popular degree choice lately is one in IT – for good reasons. IT is one of the fastest growing career fields today, and offers some real potential for college grads looking to secure a good job.

If you are in school for a degree in IT, or you are considering it, you may be wondering which career to go into, and what certifications to acquire for best results. Certain IT jobs have a better employment outlook and wages than others, so it can be helpful to know which are best ahead of time. In addition, many employers want to hire candidates with certain certificates. These certificates show you can work diversely, and can make all the difference in snagging that perfect job. With that said, here are five of the best IT certificates for you to obtain in the next few years.


The Microsoft Certified IT Professional certificate is one of the best you can possess when you begin your job search. This certificate allows you to be an expert when it comes to the most popular type of computer – windows. You will be able to easily configure network infrastructures and anything else to do with Windows Brand computers, making you very sought after by businesses.


The Cisco Certified Internetwork Associate Certificate will allow you to become very familiar with internet networks and how they work, all the way down to the OS fundamentals and internet security features. While some business want the CCNE, most can’t afford those professionals, so obtaining a CCNA provides better job potential.


The Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator Certificate allows you to know all their is about SonicWall, a popular and ever growing IT company. Since this company is so large, and recently bought out by Dell, having a certificate in it will provide you with a lot of potential job leads.


The Project Management Professional Certificate is a good one to get no matter what area of IT you are planning on entering. This certificate teaches you about many job fundamentals, from budgeting projects to completing these projects in a timely, organized manner. Having these skills is a must when working in IT, and employers like to see that you already have a good grasp on these things before they hire you.


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certificate is great for anyone who wants to specialize in IT security. Going into security is a wise choice, as it is an ever growing field. As more and more people gain knowledge about computer networks and their workings, more and more data is being stolen from individuals and businesses. As someone with the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certificate, you will be known as someone who is knowledgeable in installing and maintaining security systems that will protect against data theft. As someone with this qualification, work will likely not run out for you in the years to come.

These are just five of the many professionals available for you to obtain and use when finding a career in the field of IT. The job market right now might not be the best, but if you choose a career in a fast growing field, like information technology, you will be able to find a job you’ll excel in with enough hard work and perseverance. Everything may seem tough now, but hold on until the tide dies down, and chances are you will be left with a rewarding job in the nations fastest growing industry.


Victor Daily writes on wide range of business and IT related topics for several reputable blogs. He is currently a content writer for Ninefold, a well know Australian cloud computing company.