DIDO Mining Jobs

The mining industry provides unique opportunities for those seeking a portable career. Australian mining  industry expert Danny Duric from  australia-mining.com gives us some insight below about the DIDO employment model

Many companies in the mining industry have embraced DIDO (Drive in drive out) as a new way to increase production. DIDO  means that you drive yourself to mine location at the beginning of your work period (roster) and then drive home when your roaster comes to an end. This kind of arrangement is only possible to mining fields which are located at a reasonable distance from a city or town. The length of a roaster may vary from company to company. However, in most circumstances it ranges from 2 to 3 weeks which is then followed by an off of between 5 days and 10 days. DIDO mining jobs allows people with families to continue working without the need to relocate their families.


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DIDO jobs are popular in different places for example in Western Australia and Latin America. Due to the fact that DIDO workers have to spend up to 3 weeks in the mine fields, different companies have established several measures that help in balancing the work and personal lives. Among the measures established are health facilities, measures to deal with family separation, security and social facilities such as movie theaters, swimming pools, free internet and gymnasium.

Living conditions

If you are taking a DIDO job, you should be ready to share the accommodation facilities. You will have a basic and comfortable room in the course of your roster. However, when you go for an off, the room will be offered to another worker. This means that it is possible for you to move to a different room each time you come from an off.

Mining companies try to keep DIDO mining workers as comfortable as possible. Therefore different services will be there at your disposal for example a gymnasium, a shop, a swimming pool, a sports facility, a movie theater and even a Television room. You may also be provided with laundry and food. It is important to note that most mining companies prohibit the use of alcohol within the mines and this means DIDO workers will have to learn how to survive without alcohol during their roster period.

Salaries for DIDO jobs

These jobs are only open to professionals such as qualified engineers and other specialized workers. Due to the nature of their jobs, the salary scales are also very high. Generally, the salaries are usually around 50% more than the salaries of normal workers. This explains why there is a very stiff competition when it comes to securing these jobs, especially those entry level mining jobs.

Advantages of DIDO jobs

These jobs come with very attractive salary packages and allowances and this explains why they are so competitive.

DIDO mining jobs allow mining specialists who live far away from the mining fields to work in the mines without having to relocate their families. This is a wonderful move as even those who live in areas without mines can still work in the mine fields.


DIDO mining jobs are not very appropriate to people who are establishing relationships or those who are in marriages. Having to spend so much time away from the loved ones does not work very well with relationships.

It has also been observed that there are higher risks of contacting diseases due to the fact that there are many people living together. Cases of infections such as AIDS among DIDO workers are high especially in developing nations.

The future of DIDO mining jobs

As many companies expand their operations, it is expected that demand for DIDO workers will continue to increase over the foreseeable future. Also as many government try to spread the mining benefits even to regions outside mining areas, it is expected that more workers will be drawn from those regions to foster even national development.

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