Skin care business heads toward $1M revenue

Polla founded Alchimie Forever, a collection of lotions, cleansers and other skin products, as a student at Georgetown University’s business school in 2003. Much of the company’s business comes fr

New business coalition aims to aid recovery

The South Louisiana Recovery Team is an independent group of business owners seeking to help firms impacted by storms get back on their feet. Though most of the group’s founding members are from Ter

Local Employers Association Expands Programs into Northeast

The Employers Association announces new partnership to provide HR services and training resources to employersLINCOLN, R.I. 

Nerds and Rich People

From: How to Be Silicon ValleyCould you reproduce Silicon Valley elsewhere, or is there something unique about it?It wouldn't b

Regional clusters spark growth

From: Opinion: Regional clusters can spark growth - John Fernandez - POLITICO.comIf you want to see how American commun

Agriculture is Vital to Economy and Food Security

New York State Regional Councils for Economic Development | American Farmland Trust - Ne

Seizing the Moment - ignoring exports?

After speaking with Laurie De Roller on Regional Business Talk Radio last week I decided to look closer at the

White House Releases Report to the President on the National Export Initiative

From: White House Releases Report to the President on the National Exp

Regional Export Initiative - Michigan

EUP (Michigan) Regional Planning receives funding to help small businesses expand | EUPNews

Stop blaming globalization

From: GREDA chief says economic struggles part of healing - Galesburg, IL - The Register-Mail