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LinkedIn Profile

From: Lab42 Blog

Lab42 surveyed 500 Americans who were registered LinkedIn users to discover how they utilized their profile and to see if they valued LinkedIn as a professional networking tool. Take a look at the infographic below to see the latest details on professional networking.


I’ve been a LinkedIn Member since 2003 and I’ve always found it a valuable networking tool in the professional environment as distinct from Facebook which I’ve tended to reserve mostly for family and friends…although the lines are sometimes gray.

This Lab42 survey into LinkedIn usage confirms a few of my thoughts and definitely reflect my patterns; Most people prefer LinkedIn over Facebook and Twitter as an online business networking tool. Most people log into LinkedIn fairly regularly, without the obsessiveness and noise of  Facebook and Twitter and they not only belong to one or more groups, but they actively participate in them.

An overwhelming 90% of users prefer LinkedIn because it:

Helps me connect to individuals in my industry as possible clients.

It is more professional than Facebook.

It allows me to hire people that I wouldn’t regularly meet.

Now look at that last one. If you are a seeking a Portable Career and need to be found by people looking to hire, how can you ignore LinkedIn?

Networking is relationship building. You need to do it constantly to ensure new relationships are formed regularly and old relationships are maintained. I’ve always felt that LinkedIn is a great way to do this online and I thank Lab42 for helping confirm these thoughts.

Lab42 –

Lab42 is the easiest way to do consumer market research online using social networks. Whether you create the online survey with our survey creation tool or we do, Lab42 finds respondents for your survey and delivers results in 3 to 5 business days. They do all of this for $500 to $1,000. That’s right – $500.
Lab42 was created to answer their own market research needs. As entrepreneurs, they had to be able to get a sense of our market quickly without breaking the bank. They failed to find a market research company that was a good fit with their philosophy. So, in true start up fashion, they decided to create it for themselves and make it available to other businesses. Lab42, fundamentally, is a survey platform with the ability to dig through social networks to find your target consumers and enable them to give your company feedback. …and they create really cool INFOGRAPHICS