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Procrastination and Lifestyle Business Development

It is often said that procrastination is a result of either fear of
failure or actually fear of success. In the case of fearing a failure
you often times have not bother to look at the worst-case scenario and
find out how not bad and actually manageable it is. When you fear
success dig dipper – childhood traumas, subconscious beliefs and things
alike may result in the self-limiting behavior such as procrastination.
Either way, being it fear of failure or success you are forces to sit
down and think about it.  – from Procrastination and Lifestyle Business Development –

An interesting thought piece about procrastination from Olga at Delicious Istanbul. For a Lifestyle Business owner wrapped up in the day to day business, procrastination can to some extent be an important business planning and business development tool, yet it’s so easily labeled as negative. Sometimes it’s just delaying the inevitable, other times it maybe your gut telling you that you need more thought before action.

I encourage other Lifestyle Business owners to embrace positive procrastination as Olga does, after all, “lifestyle” is an important aspect of your business. Use the time of dreaming and self reflection to consider more deeply some of the challenges you are facing, the new opportunities, those wild ideas for building business. After your therapeutic sessions, capture the ideas, bring thought to action and move forward.

Olga Tikhonova runs Delicious Istanbul, a food tours and cooking class business in Turkey. Before settling down in Turkey she  lived, worked and extensively traveled in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Balkans, India, Kyrgyzstan
and Morocco which significantly shaped her culinary proficiency – Not being shy about peeking into kitchens of the locals or to offer her company at a dining table, she writes also blogs to share handy tips on Istanbul food, living in Turkey and entrepreneurship. A great read regardless of your motivation.