Do you have a sales mindset?

December 5, 2011 Business Thinking

From: How to Adopt a Sales Mindset |

As a business owner, you’re in sales whether you think so or not. Every day you have to sell yourself — and your product or service — to grow your business. If you’re not sure you have the personality to succeed in selling, consider these 13 simple rules to create a superstar sales mindset.


As the adage goes; “nothing happens until somebody sells something”. All business owners and in particular those in the startup phase need to consider this and maintain a mindset that keeps sales and selling at the forfront of their business activities.

Building relationships while providing great products and customer service are important adjuncts to sales, but this is not “selling”. What are you doing to build new business? Do you have a sales mindset? Follow the link above to the article to read the important steps.