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Sarah Kent - go it alone and get paid to do something you love

Sarah Kent is someone who has always valued choice. When she was younger, she traveled a lot (from her native New Zealand, to London, and anywhere in between!). She has had different careers and ended up at senior levels in corporate HR (learning and development).Sarah Kent - Lifetyle Business

By the time her HR career was taking off she was earning a great salary and doing very nicely… on the outside, but on the inside, the reality was that she was living that life where those around you think you should be grateful to have any job, and just think of the money. As she says “… no one got how utterly miserable I was”.

Based in London, Sarah now helps others break into their desired lifestyle business and guides people in their journey to… “go it alone and get paid to do something you love”.

You can learn more about Sarah at

Here’s an interview with Sarah conducted by Katya Barry:


Katya Barry is a Global Attitude Architect and coach, she helps people make significant positive personal and professional transformations that leave you feeling connected to yourself and your new culture.