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The 5 Best Summer Jobs for Students

June 19, 2013 Lifestyle Business

When school is out for the summer, many parents want their high school and college aged students to work. Since they are old enough to enter into the workforce, they really should. It will teach them some responsibility, and they will be able to pay their own bills. Some students claim that they do not know where to look for a job, and, in such an economy, this claim may be true. What are five of the best jobs that they can look for and apply to in order to secure a position this summer?

Babysitting or Being a Nanny

Your children are off from school for the summer, and so are the other children in your area. Therefore, when parents are working, they need someone to watch after their little ones. Some of these jobs are more part-time. For example, a parent might only need a sitter for 20 hours or so a week based on the family’s work schedules. Others are much longer, and some families will need a sitter from early in the morning until well into the evening. If your student attends a local high school or college, this job might expand into the fall months as well.

Working at a Resort

Lots of youngsters have tons of fun when they work at resorts. They might serve beverages to guests lounging poolside, deliver food up to the hotel rooms or teach people how to use surf boards. In fact, many high school and college aged students will actually go abroad for the summer and spend the season making new friends and earning money. These jobs give them the opportunity to still have a vacation, but such an experience will also show them that they need to learn how to earn all of the good things in life.

Jobs at the Pool

In some places, the local pools are only open in the summer due to weather conditions during the rest of the year. In any case, youngsters can look into jobs at the pools and parks. For those who are certified, they can act as lifeguards or be on staff to administer first aid if necessary. Other teenagers and young adults could work checking identification cars when people enter the pool area or take the pictures for said cards. Many pools have snack and drink booths that require staffing as well.

Paid Internship Opportunities

If your child is lucky enough to receive a paid internship opportunity, strongly encourage him or her to take it. Most individuals do not receive money for their internships if they are even able to find such a position at all. Generally, this internship will be related to the type of work they plan to do in the future. Even if they are not making a lot of money, they are still developing their skills in the particularly industry and making contacts. Through making connections in the field, they might be able to find a job right after graduating from college.

Pet Care Services

During the summer, people love to have their dogs go out for walks, but they often are not home frequently enough to let them enjoy this beautiful weather. Therefore, students can look into dog walking services where they go and take the dogs for a walk a couple of times per day. Some families might also want pet sitters for their dogs and cats while they are away on vacations. Students could also work in the waste removal service and set up a little business. Finding clients at a local pet store or at the vet is a good plan of action.

Students no longer need to say that no jobs exist for them because quite a few options are out there. Many people will be competing for these same jobs, however. Therefore, it is important for your children to start applying to them as soon as possible.

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