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Work at Home - No Scams

Eddy Salomon is a guy I’ve been watching online (sounds creepy doesn’t it?) for several years and is without question the best resource I’m aware of regarding Work at Home opportunities, Scam spotting and other advice for people wanting to work from home.

He’s been working at home in some capacity since 1993 when he was in high-school. When his friends were going to basketball practice, he was home figuring out ways to make money at home. As a result,  he’s seen and tried many work at home opportunities, including; a term paper typist, apartment finder, work at home locator, email reader and web surfer. During his years of searching for legitimate work at home opportunities he has hit rock bottom, as a result of being scammed at least 3 times and lost over $500.

Eventually he learned the secret to working at home and established one of the leading work at home websites on the web today. But his biggest career achievement to date after years of lost sleep, money, blood and tears was retiring from a corporate career that paid nearly $90,000 per year! He’s happy to say that he’s a proud Stay At Home Dad that works at home full time. He’s currently venturing on a new and exciting journey of raising his precious baby girl Brianna and balancing his career as a blogger and affiliate!

New work at home websites & blogs spring up everyday but we all know that most of them fail to be legitimate or of any real benefit. Eddie was really frustrated with this garbage and felt he could do a better job. So he went to work and after many long lost nights of sleep, he was able to build one of the few work at home websites (Work At Home, that has been recognized by national publications and news organizations such as BusinessWeek, & ABC News as one the top resources for avoiding work at home scams. With these type of accolades for his other site (Work At Home Careers), he decided it was time to expand the scam fighting efforts with the creation of; Work At Home No This way he could focus more time and energy on providing you various NON-TRADITIONAL ways of working at home legitimately and to extend my coverage of newer work from home scams.

Like the hair club for men, he doesn’t just talk about work at home, he actually does work from home full time! He has certainly been successful at it and as a result was recently featured on the homepage of AOL for a story on The Secrets to Their Success: 3 True Work-at-Home Tales & News 12. So I guess it’s safe to say that he might know what he’s doing. With that said, you’ll be able to work at home too if you follow his advice and tips!

Learn more about Eddie and how to to Work at Home, visit